4MM Carnelian Gold Filled Bracelet


4MM Carnelian Gold Filled Bracelet

This listing is for one 4MM Gold Filled Bead Stretch Bracelet with a 5MM, Carnelian Stone with corrugated GF beads.

NOTE: Carnelian entered recorded history more than 4000 years ago. This orange mineral rock was revered by ancient noblemen and noblewomen. Ancient Babylonians, Greeks and Romans wore amulets and talismans made from carnelian stones. They also wore insignia rings adorned with carnelian gemstones and made seals out of carnelian rock.

  • Ancient Egyptian master architects wore carnelian gemstones to symbolize their position. Carnelian amulets were engraved with texts out of the Book of the Dead and placed on the dead to help insure safe passage.
  • The Holy Scriptures list carnelian gemstone as one of the gems that adorned the breastplate of Aaron. He was a prophet and the first high priest of the Israelites. In this instance, carnelian meaning represented the blood of the martyrs. It was also thought to keep the wearer from catching the plague and other illnesses.
  • During the Middle Ages, alchemists used carnelian boiling stones. They believed the orange chalcedony quartz would activate the energies of other types of chalcedony quartz. This energy transformation made it more useful to the alchemist.
  • The Islamic prophet Mohammed wore a carnelian gemstone seal ring that brought him good luck.
  • Napoleon wore a lucky watch charm made with carnelian gemstones.

Make sure that you wrap the measuring tape around your wrist bone so that it makes contact with your skin all the way around. Measure tightly and order that number.

Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 4 in
Wrist Size

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